Sunday, July 31, 2011

A new beginning

About seven months ago, I registered Goddess to Go, LLC with the secretary of state in Colorado.

Recently, I set out on a journey of self-discovery and freelance business. Eventually, I plan on opening an Inn with a destination Salon and Spa attached. This blog is basically here to chronicle my adventures in freelance and small business.

Here is my plan, to start out:

1. Get a part time job that has some flexibility, probably retail or something equally flexible with some kind of benefits for their pt people.
2. Survey local businesses to see who would be interested in having me come in and do an employee haircut and/or spa day.
3. In the businesses where I'm invited, I will offer deals and retail sales to the employees for other services and see if I can grow my business through referrals.

I think that if I stay true to myself and work hard that I can make this non-traditional approach work for me. Plus, the flexibility of working this way will also make it possible for me to work on my music career as well. I'm very excited at this prospect, and I have full faith that ultimately, I'm on the right path to finding my place.