Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wedding at the Marshdale

So, this was the first wedding of my new freelance endeavor. Not my first wedding, but the first of my Goddess to go career. Very exciting stuff, actually. After the traffic troubles on I-70 coming into Evergreen, I was really worried about getting there on time, so I made sure to leave very early. As it was, I was about an hour early, even after running a couple of errands. But its always good to be prepared, right? Right!

The Meadows at Marshdale is a beautiful wedding venue in Evergreen.

I had a wonderful time with the bride, Katie, her bridal party and her lovely family. Congratulations, you two!!

I'll post more pictures when I get them from the photographer, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures that I took.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Haircuts for everyone!

The only bad part about having a lot of time on my hands is finding things to do during the day that don't involve online games or watching television. Unfortunately, thats what I've been doing a lot of these past few days. That and applying for part time jobs.

After going over my finances and cashing my last check from my former employer, I started reaching out to my fellow professionals and started to test the waters. This led to adding quite a few things to my schedule and made it possible for me to seriously entertain the idea of launching my freelance business in earnest.

This weekend is the Colorado Romance Writers Convention in Denver, which my friend and colleage, Jenn LeBlanc, will be attending. She is an amazing photographer that I've had the joy of working with on several occasions, including quite a few shoots for her illustrated romance novel, "The Rake and the Recluse" (Kindle, paperback, or book website).

Since today is the opening day of the Convention, Jenn had me over for a 'family haircut day' yesterday. Two daughters, her hubby and Jenn herself.

Later today, I'm hoping to do a dry run on a bride whose wedding I'll be working on Saturday. Friday morning is hair and makeup for the winner of Jenn's cover contest (I think that was the name of the contest) and possibly the dry run for my Saturday bride if she doesn't feel up to doing it today. Who knows what Sunday will hold? I'll keep you posted. :D