Thursday, January 26, 2012


Ah, the age-old question... Wedge, bob or a-line? 

Okay, this might be a silly hairdresser kind of thing, but its still a valid question. When someone comes in asking for a new hairstyle and it has to be short, there are a few questions I usually ask.

1. How much time do they spend on their hair? (Of course this also depends on their hairtype.) Not a lot of time in the morning usually means the a-line is out. Unless they have super straight hair that's a little coarse.

2. Are they more sassy or more conservative? Playfull or demure? Usually, and this should go without saying, these are not things to ask your client... Just ask yourself these questions and maybe ask about their lifestyle.

3. Have they ever had hair that short before? Sounds silly, but its a necessary question! A layered bob is a less dramatic option than an a-line or a wedge.

4. What's prompting the change? Breakup, funeral, friend's or ex's wedding? Emotionally driven drastic change is a BAD idea...

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  1. I asked my stylist about my getting a curly perm for a fundraiser I'm doing to raise money for childhood cancer research.

    She did ask me a few questions - like if I ever had a perm before. But mostly she told me what kind of shampoo/conditioner I'd need to buy etc. I think I'd fall out of the chair laughing if she ever asked me if I'm sassy or conservative!